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About Our Overseer

Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning is the founder and overseer of Omega Church and Omega Radio. He is a anointed man of God with a goal to save souls through radio, TV, and the local church.

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Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning Biography

About the Archbishop
Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning/globally known as John Wayne Manning is the man with a vision from God of hope for all people.

He was born in Mocho, Clarendon Jamaica into a Christian family in the 1960's, and migrated after graduating from Lennon High School in Jamaica. He migrated to the Cayman Islands to further his education, a graduate of Day Springs University, and a man of faith.
With much penalization and immigration depravity and supremacy, he didn't like it. So, he returned to Jamaica and his mother, Ruby Morris, reminded him "he has a calling on his life" and she sent him away once again, but this time to the Netherlands Antilles.
At the age of 18+, an evil letter was mailed to him and his roommate opened the letter and dropped dead instantaneously. He quickly relocated from that building to another building exactly across the street from a little church.

He saw the suffering of the Jamaican people from a child in obscurity and poverty, hardship, and single families with little or no hope for a better tomorrow. He decided that he will be a part of the solution of humanity and not part of the problem. Little did he know that God had a plan for his life.

He gave his life to Jesus Christ in a little French church in St Martin. He saw the need to supply Jamaican products on the island, and quickly established a Jamaican restaurant that led to a chain of supermarkets and a wholesale business providing Jamaican products on the island.


 He enrolled in ministerial studies while working at Sheraton hotel’s marketing department and managing his businesses on the side. In 2000, he migrated into the United States of America to publish his first book “Omega Chapter”. The Omega Church International Ministry started out when Overseer Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning came back from the UK in 2003 from a book signing tour/evangelistic trip. He returned home to Brooklyn, New York at the JFK International Airport in a positive mind set as an author. and experienced an ephipany that the Lord wanted him to establish a ministry in the United States of America as the next step in his journey.

That night, he had a dream to go to Florida to start a nondenominational Christian church, TV, and radio ministry for Jesus Christ. He woke up from the dream frightened and confused concerning the vision; the road in the dream was long and filled with corners. He thought that this could not be real, because he had no fundamental people based in Florida to begin and no family to count on for support in Florida.
He told his wife, Elizabeth Manning about the dream, but she was very pleased and supportive to the Lord's word and direction. He prayed over it, told his church in Brooklyn as well as friends, and family, hoping for their support. To his surprise, majority of his support base was negative regarding the vision. Some family members slammed doors in his face and told him “NO”. He was discouraged but not broken; he accepted the call to GO to Florida and start a church, radio, and television ministry.
When he arrived at The Fort Lauderdale International Airport, he did not know where he was going from that point, however, he took a taxi and the driver asked him, “Where to sir?” and he replied to the taxi driver; “I don't know sir”. Nonetheless the taxi driver headed North on the Interstate Highway I-95; when they arrived at the State Road 84 exit, he saw the sign that said Motel 6, so he remembered the commercial that Motel six “Always leaves the light on for you”. There all by himself, everyone told him to go back to New York, because “Florida doesn't need another church”, but he did not listen to them; he kept the faith and kept on believing God like Abraham. He was all alone with God by his side. He missed his family back in New York, because he went by himself to Florida to lay the foundation of the ministry.
He worked with many ministers, but he had never worked by his self in ministry before, so it was a challenge to leave his friends, family, and comfort zone for the unknown—Florida. Nevertheless, he relocated himself. He had left his family in the cold city of Brooklyn, New York, packed his bag and took off by faith. On the plane the Lord had spoken to him and said to name the ministry “OMEGA”, taken from the book of Revelation 1: 11, and it must be a non-denominational church; it will be the first for many folks, and the last for few. It must be different from other churches, because it's the original by-which folks must feel welcomed from all walks of ethnicity. People should not be inspected at the door by dress code, culture or stereotypes. The church must be a home away from home for all nations and people must come as they are, but don't come naked— just the way they are and let Jesus Christ change them the way He knows best—by His standard alone.


From there he searched for a building, and he found one in the Carver Ranch Public Park in Hollywood, Florida. He struggled for a long time, because he started the church with only his wife and two kids at the time. He had to take a job as a managing director at Walgreens pharmacy in order to take care of the new ministry but God continued to take care of the church.
Archbishop Manning is a Man of Faith who gave up a good job at Walgreen's as a general manager in which he earned thousands of dollars yearly; God tested his faith, told him to leave his job, and trust God to take care of him. When he looked at the church income of $500 per month, he knew it would be a hard and difficult thing to accomplish. Therefore, he asked Walgreen's Inc for a leave of absence to work the ministry and his little store. (He did not return to work, he decided to trust God completely.) At times he wondered if he made a mistake to take a leave of absence from Walgreen's Pharmacy, because the church’s monthly income was only $500 per month. It was almost impossible to survive on that small budget to take care of the church building and the feeding program. Therefore, he opened a small corner store & take-out food store, but almost every weekend they attempted to rob the store at gun point.

But on one particular night in July 2007, Archbishop Wayne and his family were in their store getting ready to close off business for the day, when 3-armed gun men came into the store with a saw off mouth shot gun, 9-millimeter gun, and an AK-47 gun. They ran into the store looking to kill someone. Archbishop Wayne's wife, Elizabeth, was at the cash register alongside her mother and the children. Bishop Wayne was in his office at approximately 9:30pm, and one of the gun men came into his office and demanded his money; the gun man squeezed the gun against his chest and demanded the money. Archbishop Wayne slowly gave him the money, and during this time, he looked up at the surveillance camera and saw his wife crying for help, as the gunman with the saw off shot gun demanded her to give him the money. And the third gun man was in the middle of the aisles blocking the doors. Pastor Elizabeth gave him the money, and he ran to the gun man in the middle of the store to call him, then they ran into Archbishop Wayne’s office for the third gun man, but this gun man did not want to leave. He wanted to shoot Archbishop Wayne, but the other gun man said, “let’s go I got all the money.”
The third gun man still did not want to go, he wanted to hurt Archbishop Wayne and he pulled the trigger. However, the trigger stuck. He was angry, and his buddy called him a second time. This time, he ran out the office very angry that the gun trigger sticked and he did not get to harm Archbishop Wayne. But on his way out the office in a hurry, he kicked over Archbishop Wayne youngest daughter crying at the office door, and he dropped his cellphone, while trying to escape from the robbery. He called 911 and the police came along. People came out and showed support, and by time the police arrived, Archbishop Wayne gave them the phone, and told them that he will not press any charges against the robbers. True TV came out the following day, and took the report of the robbery, and put it on their network until this day. People continue to contact Archbishop Wayne as a result of this robbery from around the world, they notice how God protected Archbishop Wayne and his family from danger that night.

After that night, The Lord told Archbishop Wayne to close the store and use the building for ministry work only. At first, he was hesitant because the business provided the necessary monthly income to operate the ministry; however, he obeyed God and closed down the store. Half the members walked away from the ministry in 2007 as a result of closing the store. Tithes & offering decreased terribly to approximately nothing.  Nevertheless, Archbishop Wayne stepped out on faith, with no job and no business. He was stuck, but he never gave up on God's ability to take care of them. God kept Archbishop Wayne and his family, and God provided faithful members for The Omega Church shortly after.
3 months later his home went up into foreclosure, along with his commercial building, so he sat down with his wife to decide which building to keep. After much prayer, he decided to let his home go and move into the church building amongst strangers. The church building did not have proper sleeping facility or showers, but he was willing to share a church bench with homeless families. People found out about it and tried to give his wife a reality check to leave him, people tried to discourage him with negative talks, but Archbishop Wayne remained focused.  People called the city to report him, and the city gave him days to leave his own building and put out the homeless people he was feeding and helping at nights. There were times when he had 30 and more families sleeping there at nights because they were homeless. Code inspectors fought him day and night, but he stayed focus to the vision.

The commercial building went up in foreclosure months after he moved into it, because there was not enough income coming in and he was late with the monthly payments. The bank was on his back every day for mortgage payments and the city was trying to close down the building and take it away from him.
One day, God told him to go to Miami to talk to the bank about the community work that he is doing. When he arrived at the bank, they did not come out to speak with him, so he left a letter for the bank manager. He went back home to the shelter and began a 7 day fast. 7 days later, the bank rep calls him and cursed him out telling him “This is not a charity case, and the bank is not in the charity case business”, and they need their money immediately.
Archbishop Wayne continued to fast & pray another 7 days for God to work it out and fix it. At the end of the 7 days fasting & prayer, the bank rep called him, and said to him; “You listen, and I will speak. Seeing what you have done to help other people when you can hardly help yourself, I will drop your mortgage interest rate from 12% to 3% to ensure your survival.” God worked it out in his favor and fixed it for Archbishop Wayne and the congregation.


In January 2024 upon returning from a trip to the United Kingdom, Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning felt sick and at first believed it to just be a common cold from the shift of cold weather back to warm weather. As some time passed by, he was not feeling any better but instead felt worse so he decided to drive himself to the hospital because he could feel his heart racing within his chest. The hospital admitted him and he was there for a few days, however; the hospital had a policy that did not allow for any family members to stay with him. He had a monitor attached to his chest so that the hospital staff could monitor his hearts' behavior. Test after test was ran and a decisive conclusion could not be found. On the second night of staying alone in the hospital, Archbishop Wayne's heart stopped for 9 seconds while he slept. No one came to check on him. It was only in the following morning that Archbishop Wayne mentioned to his nurse that he thinks he passed out only for the report to come back that he indeed died for 9 seconds and no one knew. God has had His hand continually on Archbishop Wayne's life and no matter the attack of the enemy, God has brought him through. 

Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning continues to help needy families and live amongst them as a man of God that does not know how to say no to anyone but the devil. He helps the community with job networking, notary, housing, immigration, groceries, hot meals, clothes, shelter, prayer, and spiritual counseling—helping them to overcome. He is a man that is anointed and appointed for this generation. He is anointed to Teach- Pray- Lecture the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, even while staying in the shelter. He worked daily from 8am to anywhere between 10pm and 12 midnight helping people daily.

He stayed focused and trusted God and Jesus Christ to bring him out of this attack. Jesus Christ came through for him; God turned it around for him. He continued his ministry in radio, TV and church.
7 months later, God sent someone to give him a 4-bedroom house, a Mercedes Benz, and a 2-million-dollar church building paid for in full to continue God’s work.
The Vision is to plant churches, radio, and TV and save souls globally for Jesus Christ.
Archbishop Wayne Johnathan Manning is the founding Archbishop of The Omega Church International Ministry located in Florida, USA.
⦁       Invited Minister at The United State National Day of Prayer in 2012 at The White House to   pray for United States of America National Day of Prayer.
⦁       Founder of The Omega Church Global Diocese with 281 Global Churches in The Omega Diocese.
⦁       Business Degree
⦁       Bachelor’s degree in ministry
⦁       Community Rep, Counseling, Community Immigration help, grocery give away programs, hot meals for needy families.
⦁       Homeless Families
⦁       He is a Notary Public in Florida
⦁       A Businessman
⦁       Author of four published books:
i.       The Omega Chapter, One World Order for Planet Earth.
ii.     The Journey of England & America/The Journey of Ephraim & Manasseh.
iii.    Obama The Great; Book from a Prophetic Perspective.
⦁       Theologian, End Times teacher of the end times.
⦁       Community Outreach Helper for abused families & Homeless People, and a shelter helping homeless families.
⦁       Founder of Omega Church
⦁       Founder of Omega TV.
⦁       Founder of Omega Shelter
⦁       Founder of Daily Groceries Give away
⦁       Founder of The Omega Church International Christian Bible School.
⦁       Founder of The Omega Church International Ministry Online Radio Station
⦁       Founder of The Omega Church ministry.

  • Founder of the Omega Church Broadcasting Network reaching from FM, AM, HD, and DAB radio stations from United States: Florida, New York, Connecticut, Georgia, and New Jersey to Honduras, Roatan, and Jamaica just to mention a few.

  • Was ordained by Rabbi Henry to the office of the Archbishop that presides over 277 MINISTRIES GLOBALLY.

  • A married man since June of 2000 to one wife Elizabeth.

  •  Father of 4 biological children & thousands of spiritual children.

  • Founder of Omega Radio

Archbishop Johnathan Manning resides over other Bishops, Apostle, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, and Teachers making him an Archbishop by title. He is an Author, Business Consultant, Theologian, Church Founder, Diocese Founder, Father, Husband, Radio and Television founder/pioneer, community activist and frequent professor of the end times.


He was ordained to the ministry as a Pastor, then Bishop, then an Apostle and now continues to function in ministry as the elect Archbishop for 34 years and counting.

In 2007, ministers from all over the world began to contact him to be their overseer, and manage their church finances, budget, growth and spiritual elevations. The first Pastor, named Joseph Hara, in 2007 requested his leadership, and from that point it began to rain in constantly from around the globe. Pastors, Doctors, Professors and more from Europe to South Africa, India, Pakistan, Jamaica, and Haiti, joined with now over 271 included in the global diocese. God has kept the Diocese vision alive. The Omega Diocese has grown to 281 global churches around the world.
A local network of churches in Florida has developed to facilitate local support for small churches in Florida in or other parts of the Diocese. A Bible School has been established to secure training for upcoming ministers. God has been good to Archbishop John Wayne & Pastor Elizabeth Manning.

Latest Achievements


·       In 2017, Omega sold their 8,000 square foot property in the city of Oakland Park Florida and purchased a 30,000 square foot facility in Coral Springs Florida. Located at 11030-11050 Wiles Road Coral Springs Florida 33076.

·       In 2018, Omega Photo studio was established

·       In 2019, Omega Recording studio was established

·       In 2020 we established 97.9 FM in La Ceiba Honduras

·       In 2021 we established 101.5 FM in Roatan British Honduras

·       In 2022, we established 89 FM in Jamaica

·       In 2023, we established 740 AM & 100.7 FM in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut



Archbishop Manning continues to plant Radio stations, Television, and churches around the globe. “Winning the lost at ANY cost” for Jesus Christ. And he continues to accept preaching, prayer, political public speaking, and end time teaching engagements globally. He remains one of the most sought out radio host (Real Talk show on radio from 6am-10am Monday - Friday) & ministers worldwide.


Archbishop Manning is available for speaking engagements, spiritual counseling, etc. Feel free to contact him.


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